Friday, January 25, 2013


Inspired by The Movie " MADAGASCAR 3: Europe's most wanted", I created this fun and colourful circus-themed party. The target in this celebration was to make the children feel like if they really were part of the  circus. We set up different game stations, were the children got to roll play different characters, as well as enjoy great games. The smell of popped corn, the circus-themed music and the ticket giving at each station, transported the children to a different place.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

THREElittleBIRDS events' first Year !

I'm very happy and pleased to show my friends, family and followers the first year of THREElittleBIRDS events in pictures. Enjoy and please feel free to join the blog and/or contact me. Thanks to all of those who used my services during this year, I loved designing, creating and styling your events.

One of my first 2012 creations, so much love around this sweet table.
Click HERE to see the complete project.
Sweet Minnie, who doesn't love this lady!
Go HERE to see the complete project.
For those who like cocktails, but the alcohol is not necessary, this is a great choice. 
Specially for Baby showers. 
Go  HERE for more info.
Lots of fun, and learning with this party.
For more images go HERE.
Cake Inspired by the dress and the head piece. click HERE for more.

Girly cake design. For more images go HERE.
A blast of colours, imagination and fantasy. Click HERE for details.
Who doesn't love Hello Kitty at some point of their life. Click HERE for more images.

Elegant and chic Adult celebration. Go HERE for more images.

A Girl's favourite. Go HERE for more details. 

Party Inspired by a beautiful and colourful summer dress. Click HERE for more.

A great adventure was creating this celebration, click HERE for more great details. 

Event inspired by a grown up man's  favourite hockey team . Click HERE for more.

Sweet as honey Baby Shower. Click HERE for more details.

Sweet and fun theme.Click HERE for more images.

Great theme for either  boy or girl birthday party. click HERE for more images and ideas.

Another adult party alternative. Click HERE for more ideas.

Face Painting is a great party entertainment, for big and small. Go HERE for more details.

Designing and creating wedding decorations, arrangements, and favours is a challenge, but is very rewarding. Go HERE for more details.

A boy's must have. Go HERE for more details.

Winter perfect theme. Go HERE for more images and details.

Sweet creations 

Party Ideas



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