Wednesday, April 23, 2014

VOTE: April's Party Finalists 2014 - Project Nursery

My B-earth-DAY project is one of April's party finalists from Project Nursery, if you help me with one vote a day from today until April 30th, I can win the party of the month. It only takes three clicks, FIrst click HERE , then: go to the bottom of that page and CLICK on the circle in front on the name of my project which is A HAPPY B-earth-DAY, then click on VOTE. Do this once a day please. Thank you so much it means a lot to me.

Mi  proyecto "B-earth-DAY" es una de las fiestas finalistas de Project Nursery, si tu me ayudas con un voto diario desde hoy hasta el 30 de Abril, mi proyecto será  el ganador del mes. Solamente tienes que darle click  AQUI,  luego ir a la parte inferior de la pagina y darle click al circulo que marca el nombre de mi proyecto que es " A HAPPY B-earth-DAY " y luego darle click a VOTE. Hazlo una vez al día por favor. Muchas gracias esto significa mucho para mi.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A very happy "B~earth~DAY"

A very happy B-earth-DAY, was inspired by my son's love for the earth. For his last year's birthday on May, time when the earth is blooming again in North America, and a few days after "EARTH DAY" on April, he and I decided to celebrate his birthday by focusing on the earth.

My son Marco has a special interest for the earth, he's constantly asking questions about it. How we should care for it, and how it gives us all we need to live. Last year, after deciding that the Earth  would be  the theme of his birthday party, my brain started to jump up and down with ideas. The first one I started with was the invitation. I wanted to use recycled and biodegradable items throughout the whole event, so I gathered news, and kraft paper to accomplish my first idea. Along with the invitation, I gave the children sugar cookies with the earth, and the recycle sign on them.

To make it fun, we planned a Nature walk in one of the nearest parks/trails to our home, where I could talk to the children, and their parents about the environment, recycling, and caring for the earth in general. We also planted seeds, smelled some safe plants, and took deep breaths.

After a long hike, and fun games such us: catching butterflies, tin can stilts races, and rocks, sticks, leafs, and flower picking, we went to the celebration area. When the families got there, they found a variety of stations, where they could find refreshments, healthy snacks, sweets, and a delicious meal filled with lots of nutrients to restore our energy. All the serving ware, drinking cups, eating utensils, and in general everything they found there, was biodegradable,reusable or recycled, and compostable. All these elements are what I think made this event so special, and unique. Everyone was amazed to see how with a little bit of creativity, we can take care of our planet by recycling, reusing and reducing.
After fuelling up with energy, I invited the children to create a picture, by using all the materials they had collected during the walk. They arranged, and glued their items in their own personal, and creative ways. Finally we put the pictures in beautiful frames made out of small left over logs, I had luckily found at the dollar store.
I hope this celebration inspires you to care for the earth, and gives you ideas in case you'd like to celebrate an earth day themed party.